Wednesday, November 9, 2011

If you didn't vote, shut up.

Over the past few days I've been watching people comment, and mostly grumble, about the outcome of the recent Saskatchewan Election that has placed the Saskatchewan Party firmly in a majority government.

They've served for the last 4 years through a North American economic crisis, and have managed to lead prosperity in the private sector despite the constant hum of dread from economies close by who haven't fared so well.

What confuddles me is the grumbling that I've been hearing from parties/people who work in the public and/or government sectors, about how the entire world is about to go to hell with the Sask Party in power. First of all, these grumbling people all have enjoyed the benefits of working. Period. More so, they have had the opportunity to be paid very well for their effort and even received wage increases for their time served.

I read one person's post on social media--it should be noted that this person is ensconced in one of those aforementioned government jobs that require very little concerted effort on their part to perform everyday and who, by their own admission, did NOT vote--about how all the crowns are about to be sold, leaving thousands jobless.

This is the same song that was sung 4 years ago as well, yet it never happened. And even if it does, we adjust, we move on. If you feel so insecure DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Find a job in the private sector, start your own business. GET OUT AND VOTE.

This person went on to heavily criticize the Sask Party, yet offered no solution to anyone. I'm also fairly certain that they quite happily have taken their pay cheque that has been issued to them for the last 4 years by the government that they are so highly critical of--hypocrite says what???