Tuesday, September 18, 2012


As a parent we face struggles and frustrations that at times are heartbreaking and feel insurmountable

Other times, we have the distinct privilege of watching our children grow into young men and women that far exceed our expectations.

This weekend one of my children made a bad choice, how she chose to handle it and learn from it has astounded me and made me so very proud of her. She has accepted her culpability and stood up, alone, in the face of her punishment and accepted the consequences with grace and dignity.

We couldn't be more proud of her, especially knowing that several of her friends have not shown the same strength of character. There are still many years and many mistakes ahead of her, but we have a great deal of confidence in the amazing human she is becoming. 

We are so proud of her. And as she stands somewhat on her own, away from the influence of friends, who have threatened her with the 'gift' of their conditional friendship, we as parents remind her: 

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  1. And proud you should be, as well as proud of yourselves for setting the example of strength and courage she chose to model! It's a tough world out there, but my guess is she just took a leap miles ahead of her peers and some adults that have never chosen to! She sounds very wise, courageous and willing to be stand up young woman. Good job Allia, know that she sees that in you and knows you'll support her!