Thursday, March 20, 2014

A New Look, A New Name

I'm trying out a new template for this blog, any and all feed back is welcome! We're also working on a custom domain and all that stuff for me too, but for the moment as there are a few tweaks and changes my apologies for any hiccups!

I've re-titled the blog from "Much Ado About Nothing" to "For What It's Worth" for a number of reasons--partially because everything I write about is purely of my own bias and opinion. Moreso because I'm coming to realize that my voice is not 'nothing'. And that what I am writing about are some of the most valuable things in this world to me. My family, my truth, my children, my love, my support network.

That's what finding your own voice and truth is about. Expressing what your heart is telling you to share, testing the waters of vulnerability.

To all of you who have sent me messages over the last few weeks and shared so many of the heartaches you are going through, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart, it means the WORLD that you take the time to read what I write, that you are gentle and kind in your feed back, and that I make you feel safe in sharing your truth with me.

The thing about experiencing life is that there has to be meaning behind the sorrows as well as the joys. By allowing me the indulgence of sharing with you these thoughts, musings, and ideas, you are helping me.

You are an affirmation that I need to continue to write, and share my truth. Because too often we're told that we're in this journey alone, but to quote Kathy Bates in the movie P.S. I Love You, "Now alone or not, you gotta walk ahead. The thing to remember is that if we're alone, then we're all together in that too."

So, for what it's worth, my heartfelt gratitude.

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