Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm Afraid of my Mailbox

I'm afraid of our mailbox.

True story.

A little over a week ago I faced my Dragon in Family Court. I did my thing. I wore good shoes. The problem is that fairy tales teach us that you face the Dragon, and you slay it with a magical sword and then you live happily ever after.

What fairy tales miss is the instruction manual on when the Dragon decides to reserve judgement, and all you have to go on is an assurance that it is a 'priority'.

This presents two issues for me. First issue--I like dragons. I love the mythology, I would gladly play Khaleesi, I really want a dragon. Which is ironic, considering that I can't stand most reptiles and can't even look at snakes.

My second issue is that I would never look at the Justice as a Dragon, while many metaphors could be made to support it, he wasn't the one challenging me. I was the Dragon.

And I was the knight.

And I've no idea who won, and now--as the judgement will be sent to me via the mail--I've developed a very real and irrational fear of my mailbox.

Everyday I do the dishes, look out the window at it, and talk myself in circles about what may be waiting there for me. I don't know what it will take for me to face it. But it really could go either way.

I'm really hoping for this dragon though....really hoping.

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