Monday, May 7, 2012

The Grand Gesture

Lately there has been much talk around our house about "THE GRAND GESTURE"...

You know, the gesture that every woman waits for, and wants from her man.

The reason we're all talking about it right now is that I have a dear friend who is planning a mini movie of "The Last First Kiss" for the woman he has recently begun dating. We are working with him to capture their first meeting and kiss on film and create a mini movie.

I know MANY of my lady friends are sighing right now a "...sooooo very romantic!" sigh.

This begun a discussion in our house, when we were in the midst of planning, and our oldest daughter asked Kyle what his grand gesture was.

He immediately stated moving here, from "the coolest city on the planet" to be a step dad to four great kids and a spousal equivalent to me. He then went on to add planning a spectacular surprise 40th Birthday Party for me.

These ARE great things. And don't get me wrong, I do appreciate them more than words can say. But what he doesn't know is that what he did for my kids these last couple of weeks was probably the grandest of gestures.

You see, I've only now in this chapter of my life begun to enjoy things like my birthday and valentines, as he doesn't let these moments go unnoticed. But the big one for me was Mother's day. My ex would never facilitate anything for me for mother's day always claiming the mantra of "she's not my mother". I did everything to ensure our mother's had flowers or brunch, but rarely if ever was something done for me. For 15 years I dreaded every "special occasion" as hope would rise against my best efforts to keep it at bay and then be quashed by disappointment.

And then came along this wonderful thoughtful man.

Two weeks ago he took the kids on a "Sunday Adventure", and yesterday, because we are leaving for Mexico on Wednesday and won't be here for Mother's Day, the kids gave me what may be the most wonderful thing I've ever received. Our oldest daughter conspired with him, and instead of the cursory "no" she's so used to when she presented the idea, he made it happen for her. The looks on their faces watching me open up this lovely gift will be a precious memory for me forever.

What Kyle doesn't realize, and in the hullabaloo of life what I often forget, is that everyday with him is filled with Grand Gestures. Its the sum totals of all the moments: when we stop in traffic and he makes faces at me because I'm not smiling; when he holds me because I'm being irrational and scared; when I wake up with arms wrapped around me; or fall asleep with him cuddled up; when he makes sure everyday that we all know we are loved.

My life is a symphony of grand gestures because he shows up every day to our relationship and shows me love in action.

Here are some pictures of one of the most beautiful gifts I've ever been given--A book of my children:

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