Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wearing the Big Girl Panties

A couple of days ago a dear friend told me to put on my big girl panties and power through like I always do. He said this when I was feeling down, overwhelmed and frankly a wee bit sorry for myself.

Because he's known me since our teenage years, known much of my journey, and is someone I really respect and as I've watched him build an veritable empire from nothing, I did exactly that!

I blogged a few weeks ago that I've been struggling with making some decisions in an area that usually comes easily to me. I'm realizing that the decision is already made and the answer wasn't what I wanted, but instead is potentially something MUCH better and way bigger than even in could have conjured up by myself.

The problem is that it means abandoning the 'sure thing' to pursue something slightly different yet with the potential to be so much more. It means risk. Risk is scary.

I'm a control freak. (I know, it shocked me too!) Risk is scary (I think I'm repeating myself!)

Luckily I am surrounded by people who are great builders and leaders, who are encouragers. There is a great difference between someone who builds up and those who tear down. The latter THINK they are leaders, but the former truly are.

The wise voices of many I trust speaking into my life have brought this to the tipping point. The question is now: Do I go for it?? In the next 7 days we'll be in Mexico and I'm sure stepping away from the everyday is going to bring clarity, but right now, the picture below encapsulates where I am. Wearing my damn big girl panties, Richard.

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