Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear Kirk Cameron...WTH??

I feel really sorry for Kirk Cameron. After reading the Huffington Post today, citing yet another moment when he's being exactly the OPPOSITE of what Jesus was all about, I just hang my head and wonder.

I get that we live in a world where when you are looking for an image online under the heading "Christian" that you are going to find primarily results including: Christian Bale (Batman), Christian Louboutin (ohhhh my! Those yummy shoes!) and Christian Grey (masquerading as literature pathetically written!). That makes it hard for people passionate about their beliefs, I understand that.

But to not only attack a specific group of people is very unJesus. Then not have the balls (seems the only appropriate word to use here) to stand behind your belief and meet with the people who are wanting to open a dialogue with you? Yeah.....that is why I have such a struggle with my own belief and my own feelings about Christianity.

I've written about this before to much criticism but I'll keep saying it...if you're going to call yourself a Christian please for the love of GOD (see how I worked THAT in there!) realize what Jesus was preaching and about!!!

So to Mr. Cameron, I'd like to say this:

Jesus spent time with those you are shunning. The goal of healthy Christianity is to live as Jesus would have lived and to emulate that compassion, grace and lack of judgement. It is sad that you are using your celebrity to live exactly the opposite life style from what He preached, and from how He lived. Christianity isn't the words you say. It is the action you show.

I'd be happy to introduce you to a few people I know who give me hope in Christianity, as they love me in spite of my doubt and disbelief. They show me daily that there is hope for humanity through their love and acceptance. Two of them are Pastors, one of them is a mom living with beautiful intention, a few are just people living authentically and honestly.

Should you choose to argue the line of "But God says..." remember that God gives freewill and uses who he chooses and most of them were NOT the celebrity...

I truly feel sorry for you, and even more so, for your children.

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