Monday, July 30, 2012

Serious Courage!

This is my girlfriend Candace. 

She's an incredible single mom and has work ethic that makes me feel lazy every day.

She also has courage beyond words. This weekend Kyle and I went out to film her football practice. At first when she told me that she was playing football I thought, wow, now THAT takes courage, as she's playing with the Saskatoon Sirens, one of the first Canadian LFL teams.

What is LFL? None other than the Lingerie Football League.  What people don't know is that this group of women are a bunch of really touch chicks. After seeing how hard they hit, how much they run, and the drills that they are going through at each practice I have to say my respect grew exponentially.

To not only have the courage to compete in certain attire, but to also have the courage to take some serious hits (both literal and metaphorical) as well as hit like a boy, well THAT takes courage.

Any of my girlfriends who are interested in running their asses off, getting an amazing workout and doing it all FOR FREE in the next few weeks are invited to come with me to a practice. Just message me and I'll let you know the times/dates. 

I dare anyone who is critical of these girls to come out and keep up for a whole practice...once you are able to do that, to compete at their level, then you can talk as much as you want, until then my hats off to these girls, you are personifying courage and athleticism. I'm impressed.

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