Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Future Belongs to Me!

The last two days as I begin intentionally moving toward a different direction in life, I've had some huge inspiration, and incredible encouragement.

Watching my friend Candace train with dedication and endurance while being healthy about it is so inspiring to me. I long to be like her when I grow up. Focused, determined, FIERCE!

Today I had a meeting that has brought full circle an idea I have been working on for awhile, that missing piece that will make the journey I'm about to embark on just so much better. The meeting today was so encouraging, and filled me with energy and excitement about the future.

I've lacked that motivation for awhile now, that little piece that propels you out of bed in the morning to go do STUFF! Your important, amazing, motivating STUFF! And now the answers are becoming clear.

Still not really ready to fully reveal everything, mostly because some endings still need to take place. But this next step is going to be uncomfortable and a little scary...ok, a LOT scary...but the certainty of knowing this is exactly right for me, for right now, is propelling me forward to leap...

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