Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You is Important

It's funny how simple this phrase is, but in reality, it is all any one of us want to know about ourselves...that we're relevant. That we matter.

I'm watching daily as my blog following is growing and I realize that my voice matters. The number of encouraging messages that I get sent privately is astounding. The majority from women who are finding their own voices, their own relevance in this world. What is even more humbling to me is the global scope of the messages and voices I'm hearing echo their experience back.

Sharing my thoughts, feelings and hurts in a public forum is terrifying. The vulnerability is sometimes more than I can bear. And then I'll share a particularly difficult challenge and how I'm facing it in that moment, and voices from all over this world will pipe up to encourage and raise me up. This encouragement blots out the naysayers like an eclipse.

Telling MY truth helps me to deal with the emotions and the journey, every speed bump, pothole and hiccup along the way is cushioned by knowing what my perspective means to who I am becoming. It doesn't change or diminish the experience of others, their truth belongs to them.

Years ago I heard a speaker named Jan Silvious (fairly well known in Christian circles) talk about the journey and how important it is. The lesson that stuck with me was a comment that she made about how we are never alone in our problems or issues. She specifically said something to the effect of "There is ALWAYS a woman who has had YOUR problem, she has walked before you. Find her." I am paraphrasing, but the message made sense.

I grew up in a life where you presented one face to the public but behind closed doors you were another person. In the darkest of moments, I draw strength from knowing I'm not alone! 

The principle is brilliant, there and it works. My life has changed dramatically because of choices I've made, many imperfect choices, but still they are still choices that guide my life. Fundamentally I am the person I always was, I just am choosing my own adventure now.


  1. Bloom where you are planted..simple but love it! You are an inspiration and when we share we find we are not alone it's so true! How about a collective book of struggles and accomplishments, hearts broken, souls scared and lessons learned and love conquered! It would be great..a voice of the one's who thought they had lost theirs! You're amazing - don't forget it and thanks for being brave for those who felt they were the only ones. You may never know whose life you changed and touched by sharing some of you! Thanks Alia! There is strength in numbers and you are surrounded by many :) - Carol

  2. Thank you so much Carol! I think a collective book would be AMAZING! I've read so many bad ones, that aren't about handling or embracing where you are but about hiding truth, pretending and acting like all is ok. Voices matter, and sharing, lifting up and encouraging is truly the only way through!

    You are, as Ms. Marilyn would say a "brave warrior princess"!