Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fraser, he drinks well with others...

Our friend Fraser asked that I write a post about him not that long ago.

While I agreed that he needed to visit us in Saskatchewan before I would I decided today, upon finding this sign that I would write a post for him today.

Fraser is a single New Zealander with an awesome accent and great sense of humor.  He would have to have the humor as he's friends with us. He also drinks well with others, again a huge plus as to why we like him. I'm not sure about religious affiliation, but were I to guess, I'd guess that he pays great homage to beer, women and adventure. He's also scared of visiting Saskatchewan, but I think that is just because he's afraid of being overwhelmed by the incredible women here.

I met Fraser two years ago, when Kyle and I started dating (he was Kyle's roommate prior to Kyle moving back home to Saskatchewan). While Kyle had to break up with his roomies to move, we kept Fraser for reasons unknown to us, other than he appears to be much like duct tape--all but impossible to remove.

But here's a secret Fraser doesn't know...I am a little in awe of his life. Not very many years ago he did what so many of us are too fearful to do. He hopped on a plane, travelled half way around the world into the unknown and pursued his dreams. Well the ones he can pursue, as I do not think professional skier is in his future, but he markets shoes (dream job!), adventures across Canada (travel, love it!) and lives in Vancouver (we'll eventually live there!).

It takes courage to grab the opportunity and jump into life head first, and Fraser has done just that, nothing is better than a life well lived, and more of us need to take a page from the life that Fraser has chosen--he's living his.

And did I mention, my lady friends, he's single.... ;)

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