Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hockey Coach Accused Of Tripping 13-Year-Old Player

When I first saw this story this morning while getting ready for work I was struck by the type of chance that this coach squandered with his players.

He not only behaved badly but now he's claiming it wasn't on purpose, yet he felt compelled when he 'slipped' on the ice to point an accusatory finger at the children who had fallen and then flipped the bird at the parents watching in the stands.

Even with video evidence the cries of innocence from an adult who should be taking responsibility for his actions he claims innocence. And maybe he did slip, but his actions immediately afterward speak to the contrary. His actions immediately afterward were at best immature and irresponsible, and were, in my opinion a squandered opportunity for example and leadership that kids need to grow and learn to be responsible for their actions.

Had he rushed to the aid of the kids (and yes, at their age, they are still very much children) and shown any kind of compassion or concern I'd be apt to believe, in spite of the video which appears to the contrary, that it was in fact an accident. Instead he points at them as if to say, "watch yourself, I'm bigger than you and I just took you out."

He's not a coach, he's a shameful example of adult bullying.

Currently in Edmonton there is a man, waiting to hear the fate of his teaching career for holding children accountable to their actions. There are men and women all over our country TRYING to set an example, and they are being vilified for it.

Sportsmanship, respect, accountability, leadership, compassion...these are learned behaviours and it is time we as adults acted as such.

It is my sincerest hope that this man is removed from coaching duties and not allowed back on to the ice again, and that in being diciplined that he realizes that he, and he alone, was to blame for his actions. Maybe he should learn from the actions of children:

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